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DX de IZ1UKG18068.9 XW3DTtnx alex for contact cwXW 1212Z
DX de HK2PMR14076.0 UT7LCJT65!!!UR 1212Z
DX de S51Z21002.9 DU3LAtnxDU 1212Z
DX de EB7BPN7074.0 EA7URACns. SufijosEA 1212Z
DX de F6HLC10110.5 DJ90IARU DL 1212Z
DX de RC4A7078.4 R47TBSCQUA 1212Z
DX de PU2KAY28505.0 ZZ461SP PY 1212Z
DX de UT6UA21265.0 FR4LIMerci!FR 1212Z
DX de MM0GDG28424.0 DF9PEDLFF114DL 1212Z
DX de YL3FW14020.2 F4KJKREF-84F 1212Z
DX de W3LPL-324923.1 5B4AIFRTTY Heard in NH5B 1211ZMD
DX de W2CDO1848.6 AA3B K 1211ZMD
DX de SP1JJY7128.0 SN90IARU SP 1211Z
DX de RX3DLH18078.0 9A2N739A 1211Z
DX de KS9W1823.7 WL7ECWKL 1211ZIL
DX de MM6BJJ7115.0 GB1LBCSOS week...PAUL(GM0BKC now onG 1211Z
DX de W2CDO1851.1 W9XT K 1211ZMD
DX de PY2JOS28505.0 ZZ461SPanivers??rio de s??o paulo 461PY 1211Z
DX de YV5HNJ28510.0 FR4PVTu Merci 73s cqdx splxFR 1211Z
DX de EI6IZ-1024904.4 EP6Tup 2.1EP 1210Z
DX de DO6LE21230.0 KP2ADnice Contact....Have good BreaKP2 1210Z
DX de ZS1A28034.4 EP6TAfrica please !EP 1210Z
DX de IN3BFW24925.2 PY5EG PY 1210Z
DX de ON6QRP24894.9 3B9FR 3B9 1210Z


WWV de AE5E<1200Z> SFI=125,A=6,K=0,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E<0900Z> SFI=125,A=6,K=1,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=125,A=6,K=2,No Storms -> Minor w/G1


To ALL de KI4UVE<2347Z> Silvano; TY1AA,Benin 2014 Qsl card rcvd today. Thanks,Jto ALL Italian DXPED TEAM
To ALL de K3SWZ<1930Z> WL7E was on last night...
To ALL de KA8FTP<0348Z> Rcvd C21BN card for new one...many thanks

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