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DX de I5FLN7082.0 IT9AAK/PDAI SC0152 CT021 I-03361I 1556Z
DX de UA6FZ14082.3 EV1P/2/P EU 1556Z
DX de OE5WRO21077.0 ZS2DKJT65 Tnx Mitch, good Signal inZS 1556Z
DX de DH1UQ14220.0 I5/PH0NO/PIFF 660 TNX LarsI 1556Z
DX de 9A6T21076.0 S51AF S5 1556Z
DX de K6VVA-714145.0 YF1AR/5IOTA OC-122 Up10 Tnx Budi !!!YB 1556ZCA
DX de JE2SOY14028.0 W1AW/9qsx up 1- beaming to jaK 1555Z
DX de OZ1MSM14267.0 2U0SQL GU 1555Z
DX de IZ4ISC14265.0 SU1IEtnx qsoSU 1555Z
DX de WR7K10116.9 W1AW/9ears??K 1554ZWA
DX de ON4CAU14287.0 AM05LDcq cqEA 1554Z
DX de UA6BNC14172.0 YB6LAYtnx QSOYB 1554Z
DX de HB9TZA14220.0 I5/PH0NOLars u r vy low sig here!!I 1554Z
DX de R9JAA14019.0 OH0/DL1SVA/Ptnx QSOOH0 1553Z
DX de EA7SK7093.0 EA3NNCT-077-DME-43024EA 1553Z
DX de 9A3XV21028.0 Z21DXIcqZ2 1553Z
DX de EV1P/2/P14082.3 DM3BJtnx QSODL 1553Z
DX de K0SF18160.0 YB1GJSJelYB 1552ZMN
DX de SV2GQP14228.0 AM03GHZtnxEA 1552Z
DX de UA1OIZ14032.5 RK1OWZ/Peu-153, rr-02-42UA 1552Z
DX de V31MA18069.5 W7SWcq dxK 1552Z
DX de RG3B7015.2 EU1UA EU 1552Z
DX de LA4UOA14145.0 YF1AR/5tnx 5/9 wrkd up 5YB 1551Z
DX de W4YBB28505.0 W1AW/1OPEN TO GAK 1551ZGA
DX de RA9HM14013.3 UA1NFA/PEU-147 RR-02-10UA 1551Z


WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=104,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=104,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=104,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


To Local de K3LR<1542Z> back in abt 3 min
To Local de K3LR<1542Z> The WBCluster is down and the only way to restart it is to reboot
To ALL de KA0GOA<0404Z> Right on KD0POJ! How many are out of their \"band\" trying to work W1AW/1? 73

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