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DX de I6DHY14308.0 IQ5WT/Prumore 59+20 vi aspetto in 40I 1006Z
DX de F4GBD28040.0 T6Tup 5YA 1002Z
DX de RA9OG28012.0 9H1EJtnx QSO9H 1002Z
DX de EA3HP7042.0 EA3RKRfira candelera stand dme 08EA 1002Z
DX de M1DRK7150.0 GB6LBCRNLIG 1001Z
DX de HA5AEK28000.9 9M2TOCW9M2 1001Z
DX de EA3KK7192.0 TI9DZcq dx europeTI9 1001Z
DX de CT1HMN-124947.0 LZ290MB LZ 1001Z
DX de 9A4WY28018.0 VK7CWcq...VK 1001Z
DX de RV0APH14153.1 U1BD====Sanpiterburg 10ochkov !!!=UA 1001Z
DX de S57PEA24937.5 S57DXcq cq cqS5 1001Z
DX de SP3HLM21020.0 SN90IARUCq hr Beam far eastSP 1001Z
DX de EA7JQT14180.0 EA8ATimposible qso italianas fuerteEA8 1001Z
DX de IN3QCI14205.0 PA90IARU PA 1000Z
DX de RN3B24937.5 S57DXtnx QSO SlavkoS5 1000Z
DX de PA3CWN7009.6 VE1ZATnx TonyVE 1000Z
DX de PY2WND24920.5 IZ8LMATnx 73 Psk31I 1000Z
DX de UA3IKI14219.0 KL7XUfnx for qso Frank 73!KL 0959Z
DX de CT1IUA10142.5 V31MARTTY cqn aloneV3 0959Z
DX de EA4GQJ7095.0 EA4YVTrofeo Carnaval de BadajozEA 0959Z
DX de RX6LPV14229.0 KL7XUtnx QSOKL 0959Z
DX de G0OQQ18152.0 Z30Ucalling CQZ3 0959Z
DX de IZ8NVV14260.0 EA6AMMinorca Is. - EU-004EA6 0959Z
DX de EA7YT7068.0 EA4IF/PVGTO-349 DME-45168EA 0959Z
DX de UA3GJM14131.0 F5MSB/P-------73!F 0958Z


WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=159,A=11,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/G1 R1
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=159,A=11,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/G1 R1
WWV de AE5E<0300Z> SFI=159,A=11,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/G1 R1


To ALL de N4HID<0047Z> need alaska 30m, alakka hi 160m
To ALL de N4HID<2304Z> need alaska 30m, alakka hi 160m
To ALL de WQ3X<1415Z> w2sf? How is that close to WQ3?

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