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DX de 2E0CWB21071.2 YL2014Jpsk31YL 1241Z
DX de RC4W21011.0 ET3AAtnx QSOET 1240Z
DX de ON3LX28076.0 DL6LIMjt65a tu for QSODL 1240Z
DX de HA6VH24901.0 ED5BY EA 1240Z
DX de IW1PTX7092.0 II0SPQRdipl. Natale di Roma pt.5I 1240Z
DX de IZ8GEX28485.0 9A7JCY 9A 1240Z
DX de RZ9OC21015.0 UK/R1ZYTNX QSOUK 1240Z
DX de IK8WSQ7092.0 II0SPQRdip. NATALE DI ROMA 5ptI 1239Z
DX de W7SW3515.1 BU2AQ BV 1239ZAZ
DX de DJ4AX18128.0 GM0LVI/P10WGM 1239Z
DX de W3LPL-328008.0 CE2/CX1EKHeard in OH and VACE 1239ZMD
DX de IK8VVU24950.0 7P8OCcambia frequenza arrivi basso7P 1239Z
DX de KK5OQ28080.1 7P8JRrtty qsx 85.17P 1238ZMS
DX de IZ5MOQ21014.9 UK/R1ZYtu, new slot!UK 1238Z
DX de W3LPL-321022.0 T77CHeard in QC and CTT7 1238ZMD
DX de UA9UX21017.0 IS0GQX IS 1237Z
DX de SQ2RBQ14069.1 PD1PBBPSK31 peter wierdenPA 1237Z
DX de ON3RY24945.0 VR2XMT59 73VR 1237Z
DX de SQ2RBQ14068.7 HA7JQBPSK31 Kalman orokszentmiklosHA 1237Z
DX de OO2O28009.8 R6AX599 tnx Victor nice cwUA 1237Z
DX de ES3RD21219.9 TC57Atnx 73TA 1237Z
DX de IV3KKW28460.0 VU2XOCQVU 1236Z
DX de ON4JM28028.0 BA7QTcqBY 1235Z
DX de IV3KKW28545.0 VU2DSICQVU 1235Z


WWV de VE1DX<1200Z> SFI=136,A=7,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE1DX<0900Z> SFI=136,A=7,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=136,A=7,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de N4XU<2318Z> wa3lab: Check ur LoTW for today
To Local de K3LR<2332Z> Locked up again
To Local de K3LR<2330Z> If you aren't ther eto see it, then please don't include big SHOW/DX commands in you wuaoconnect script

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