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DX de W3LPL-321026.0 3B8CFHeard in VA3B8 0258ZMD
DX de LW9DYQ21076.0 WA1NGHJT65K 0258Z
DX de WR1U14176.0 9L1A 9L 0257ZNH
DX de N7ELL14173.0 HZ14WARD HZ 0257ZAZ
DX de WA3GM10119.8 PA3BUD PA 0257ZPA
DX de KC2WUF18106.1 W1AW/0QSX 18107.60K 0257ZNJ
DX de W1WV7029.1 C37ACTnx es 73!C3 0257ZNY
DX de YY5MKI7170.0 YY4JCF/3 YV 0257Z
DX de OE8HAQ7073.0 CX7OVtnx73CX 0256Z
DX de YY5MKI7170.0 YY4JCF3 YV 0256Z
DX de KA0LDG14290.0 LU8ADX LU 0256ZND
DX de K0ZR14026.1 OH4MDYVery strong in VAOH 0256ZVA
DX de KB7N14015.5 UA9LAO UA9 0256ZWA
DX de PJ4NX14222.5 HP1/S54ZZTNX QSO SimonHP 0256Z
DX de K1FJ10103.0 9H1CG 9H 0255ZMI
DX de KA9SWE14176.0 9L1Aup 39L 0255ZWI
DX de W7BQV14238.5 CT1HMN CT 0255ZOR
DX de N7ELL14238.5 CT1HMNstill needs AR ID NV NM SD UTCT 0255ZAZ
DX de KA0LDG14290.0 RK7T UA 0255ZND
DX de KU4YW14238.5 CT1HMN CT 0254ZVA
DX de UA0LAL18077.0 LU1FAM LU 0254Z
DX de WB0WQS10103.0 9H1CG100w and a wire, gud ears9H 0254ZMO
DX de K0ZR14023.0 4Z4KX 4X 0254ZVA
DX de W2KAI14031.5 4K8Mtnx Mike! Simplex4J 0253ZNJ
DX de RX6ACJ14072.3 PT2GTItnx QSOPY 0253Z


WWV de AE5E<0000Z> SFI=179,A=11,K=1,No Storms -> Minor w/R1
WWV de VE1DX<2100Z> SFI=179,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> Minor w/R1
WWV de W0MU<1800Z> SFI=184,A=5,K=3,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1


To ALL de VE3SUB<1447Z> W2OR where is call area 11??? LOL
To ALL de WB4HDC<2058Z> anyone else hearing WFM BCD harmonic on 50175-180 TV/FM ????
To ALL de VE3AAQ<1404Z> W8DEO: He's listening for EU, so not out of the SSB band

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