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DX de RW5C24942.0 4W/K7COsimplex4W 0505Z
DX de UA9UDR24914.9 VK9XSPvy weak lsn up5 rttyVK9X 0505Z
DX de K9PLG7250.0 W1AW/7simplx - lonelyK 0505ZIN
DX de EA5HDU7157.0 EU7LA5/9 In Spain. Thanks LarisaEU 0504Z
DX de V51B24940.0 5R8Mup 5 with qsb5R 0504Z
DX de SP5EAQ3505.0 ZK3Eup1ZK3 0504Z
DX de VK7FRJG21265.0 4X4IO5/6 here4X 0503Z
DX de F6CTF7145.0 CN2JFCQ CQCN 0503Z
DX de HP2AT-1521012.3 VK9DLXCQVK9L 0503Z
DX de LU3JVO18148.0 CE1OEBCQ DXCE 0503Z
DX de UA9JEC28499.8 VK9DLXCQVK9L 0503Z
DX de UY0IF14033.0 VK9DLXtnx QSO upVK9L 0503Z
DX de HP2AT-1518108.0 VK9DLXRTTY worked up 1VK9L 0502Z
DX de SV8FXN21020.0 5R8Mup15R 0502Z
DX de SA2BFO10139.0 US8UAjt65 tks qso 73UR 0502Z
DX de YO6DDF24940.0 5R8M5UP- Sigs are comming up now,d5R 0501Z
DX de SP9QMP24915.0 VK9XSP VK9X 0501Z
DX de UA9UDR24893.8 VK9DLXcqVK9L 0501Z
DX de UT6UA21020.0 5R8Mup1.1 Tnx for QSO!5R 0501Z
DX de UK8OM21265.0 VK9XSP VK9X 0501Z
DX de R7FL24940.0 5R8Mtnx QSO5R 0500Z
DX de LU3JVO18108.0 PY2DSB/B569 BCN GG66irPY 0500Z
DX de UK8OM14150.0 VK9XSP VK9X 0500Z
DX de RV3EFP14033.0 VK9DLXtnx QSOVK9L 0459Z
DX de YO5BRZ24940.0 5R8Mop YO5OED!5R 0459Z


WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=216,A=14,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Strong w/R3
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=216,A=14,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Strong w/R3
WWV de VE7CC<2100Z> SFI=216,A=15,K=3,Strong w/R3 -> Strong w/R3


To ALL de K8SM<0200Z> VK9XSP is long path from Central Ohio on 18.085
To ALL de K8SM<2130Z> No 6M prop here
To ALL de VE3SUB<2149Z> CN2OZ speaks very fast-many repeats

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