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DX de IZ2QXG14045.0 W1AW/8OHTnx fer contact!A2 2025Z
DX de KC8IMB21087.2 W1AW/8up 2K 2024ZOH
DX de M3FEH14256.0 OE5EJNCALL DXOE 2023Z
DX de IW3RUA18081.0 A35COWORK 1 UP TNX BRIAN 579 IN EUA3 2023Z
DX de DJ1AA28473.0 HB0/DJ1AA/MQRV tomorrow abt 11UTC 73sHB0 2023Z
DX de HA6VH7014.2 HG25PANEU HA 2023Z
DX de EA2DMH14215.0 JW7XMThanks Harald.JW 2023Z
DX de YV6BFE14076.0 NZ2X73K 2023Z
DX de SP9QMP3587.0 SC2014ECC SM 2023Z
DX de K3NUI14200.0 F5PAU F 2023ZPA
DX de RW5F7021.0 E73DX E7 2022Z
DX de EA1NM21076.0 LU3AEATNX QSO JT65LU 2022Z
DX de JR1UFN-724895.0 A35LTtnx up1A3 2021Z
DX de PY2TKB28011.0 PA3CLQ PA 2021Z
DX de YV6BFE14076.0 F6EAO73F 2021Z
DX de HA6VH14045.0 W1AW/8 K 2021Z
DX de EA5BB14032.0 AM05ASM EA 2021Z
DX de F8OOI7017.2 UW2ZOMany thanks Igor!UR 2020Z
DX de M6XAS14275.0 HB9EYP HB 2020Z
DX de DL6JF18084.0 FK8DD/Mfb sigFK 2020Z
DX de S59EIJ18117.0 MM3NRXbuy new radioGM 2020Z
DX de G4RRM21294.0 VP2ETE VP2E 2020Z
DX de EA7ISH14215.0 JW7XMsimplexJW 2020Z
DX de DO1JWZ3586.9 SC2014ECCRTTY Fura, Sweden tnx cqSM 2020Z


WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=111,A=16,K=1,Moderate w/G2 -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de W0MU<1500Z> SFI=111,A=16,K=2,Moderate w/G2 -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de W0MU<1200Z> SFI=111,A=16,K=2,Moderate w/G2 -> Moderate w/G2


To ALL de KC3AZT<2015Z> Thnks WQ3X :)
To ALL de WQ3X<1958Z> KC3AZT hello and welcome. 73 - good DX!!!
To ALL de KC3AZT<1956Z> New User,excellent program and hello all, KC3AZT,73.

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