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DX de IK1QFP24904.0 W1AW/2NJK 1404Z
DX de K2LS-521242.0 YBRRXA/0ZERO NOT 'oh"YB 1404ZNC
DX de KC4HW28005.0 VU2PAIQSX 28005.90VU 1403ZAL
DX de AD1C21029.0 W1AW/1 K 1403ZCO
DX de HA5OV28020.1 OM5XXcqOM 1403Z
DX de 2E0CWB28122.2 RU9SLPSK31UA9 1403Z
DX de HS1JNB28026.0 E21EIC/8 HS 1403Z
DX de KE4YOG21315.0 R7NK UA 1403ZNC
DX de PY4EP28020.0 OM5XXtnx dr John-cmQRZ.COMpse-73GL/OM 1403Z
DX de IZ8KTL28480.0 CX6DZCq DxCX 1403Z
DX de DH3SBW14252.8 OZ7TMtnx fer nice QSOOZ 1402Z
DX de PB5X28493.0 YB9/PB5XBali isl OC-022 CQ DX & tryingYB 1402Z
DX de UR4CWQ24902.5 K5WE K 1402Z
DX de OE9KFV28480.1 CX6DZ CX 1402Z
DX de VA6SP10105.0 7P8JR559 in AB7P 1401ZAB
DX de BG3UPA7008.0 BG3SSA BY 1401Z
DX de EA1IIU24953.0 VP8LP5/5 tnxVP8 1401Z
DX de K5WAF14080.0 W1AW/2RTTYK 1401ZTX
DX de K1QS21242.0 YB8RXA/OOC-210?? 1401ZME
DX de W6QW14015.0 ZS6MELoud on LPZS 1401ZCA
DX de EA4GNZ7080.0 EA7KZBuena activacion....73EA 1400Z
DX de DD6DL7187.0 GB1STG73,PeteG 1400Z
DX de LY4MA21285.0 F5ZNTnx QSOF 1400Z
DX de VK3HJ10105.0 7P8JRsez QRN bad. Simplex nw.7P 1400Z
DX de 9A6IV21072.0 EH5MCAPSK31EA 1400Z


WWV de VE1DX<1200Z> SFI=145,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE1DX<0900Z> SFI=145,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE1DX<0600Z> SFI=145,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de N4XU<2318Z> wa3lab: Check ur LoTW for today
To Local de K3LR<2332Z> Locked up again
To Local de K3LR<2330Z> If you aren't ther eto see it, then please don't include big SHOW/DX commands in you wuaoconnect script

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