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DX de IV3DSO28455.0 HR1AABtnx but prop's closing.73 AntoHR 1501Z
DX de PE1AJ28420.0 SU8YOTAtnxSU 1500Z
DX de W7SW28028.8 F1AKKCQ Croatian ContestF 1500ZAZ
DX de DK3BK24895.7 PJ2/PA0VDV599 tnxPJ2 1500Z
DX de N2FF28088.0 GM1CRTTYGM 1500ZNY
DX de W5GDX18081.6 S59AAFrancS5 1500ZTX
DX de IZ0WOY28455.0 HR1AAB73 tnxHR 1500Z
DX de K2DSL21090.2 RC3CRTTYUA 1500ZNJ
DX de LZ2YO28480.0 K5RQtnxK 1500Z
DX de OK1MLP24911.0 SH2014ECC SM 1500Z
DX de 9A9T28039.5 9A5Ktest9A 1500Z
DX de W4LT28487.5 DK3T DL 1500ZFL
DX de W3LPL-324891.0 TF3JBHeard in NHTF 1500ZMD
DX de IZ1DSH21350.0 W1AW/P4 P4 1500Z
DX de K2DSL21090.5 5C5WRTTYCN 1500ZNJ
DX de OK1BP14280.0 3A/IK5WWA 3A 1500Z
DX de SV1IZY29050.0 GW8TBGAMGW 1500Z
DX de KW1HF14099.0 N1CC599 in W.V.K 1500Z??
DX de DB6ZU28590.0 VE3MCE5/9 Freddie in CanadaVE 1500Z
DX de W7SW28028.5 DK3WMCQ Croatian ContestDL 1459ZAZ
DX de N4MIK21021.0 OR5T ON 1459ZTN
DX de KB8GAE24911.0 SH2014ECC SM 1459ZOH
DX de OE3GGS-1014280.0 3A/IK5WWAstrong sig3A 1459Z
DX de US7ISA24897.1 V5/DL3DXXTNX FB QSO UP 1.3V5 1459Z


WWV de AE5E<1200Z> SFI=216,A=8,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Minor w/G1 R1
WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=216,A=8,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Minor w/G1 R1
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=216,A=8,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Minor w/G1 R1


To ALL de N4DSP<1247Z> more qrm from w1aw/ . When is this gng to end
To ALL de N3XLS<0240Z> why me NS4C I'm not the only one!
To ALL de N3XLS<0235Z> W!AW/4 you are out of band on 80m RTTY!!!!

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