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DX de IK2NBW14135.0 IZ0MQN/PDAI-UM0623I 0958Z
DX de EI5HRB18140.0 SV3GLL73 ZacSV 0948Z
DX de UG4A21027.7 YR9FYO DX HF ContestYO 0948Z
DX de EA1BTO14287.0 EA1IFU/PSOTAEA 0948Z
DX de UG4A21027.7 YR9FCW YO DX HF ContestYO 0948Z
DX de RA9CUU14086.2 IW2MXYSCC RTTY ChampionshipI 0948Z
DX de G0HDB21076.0 YB5QZJT65, -10dB @ DF+167HzYB 0948Z
DX de IK0FVC21087.5 JH1RFMscc testJA 0948Z
DX de S54X28088.1 I0/S53R I 0947Z
DX de YT2AAA21015.5 LZ9W LZ 0947Z
DX de YO8RXT-614258.0 I0/YO7LKWcontestI 0947Z
DX de G4MUL14075.1 R2015TLPSK125UA9 0947Z
DX de ON4KEB21071.3 IW8ZMHcq psk31I 0947Z
DX de RX7K14049.8 F8BUIYO ContestF 0947Z
DX de JK1WSH-718075.0 DL2DXCQDL 0947Z
DX de JA0DIN-73525.0 XR8MINcqCE 0947Z
DX de HA7PL21235.0 SV9FBG SV9 0947Z
DX de EA3JL-17031.0 EA3KXVGGI-054 CQ CWEA 0947Z
DX de JF2IWL7036.6 BA4TB BY 0946Z
DX de IU2AIY7130.0 IQ4FE/PDCI-PR070 WCA I-13074I 0946Z
DX de IK2NBW7125.0 IK8SHL/PDCI-CS113 + DAI-KL0162I 0946Z
DX de EA6FA14218.0 E73E59E7 0946Z
DX de S52WW14012.2 S51DXyo dS5 0946Z
DX de EA1BKO7170.0 EA5GORea-399 ????ltimas llamadasEA 0946Z


WWV de AE5E<0900Z> SFI=100,A=16,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<0600Z> SFI=100,A=16,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<0300Z> SFI=100,A=16,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1


To ALL de W0FLS<1629Z> Are the bands broke or have my antennas fallen down? :>(
To ALL de N9JR-3<0104Z> KC9NCS He is very conservitave, could easily take 15 KHz but only takes 6. Be glad.
To ALL de N9JR-3<0052Z> NGGG and KC9NCS Get over it. PY0F is uncommon DX - on 179.5 and up 2.5, get a life or get off dx cluster

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