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DX de RX9SR14289.1 P33W 5B 0506Z
DX de UT7EZ21339.9 A71CO A7 0506Z
DX de K1VR14194.6 PS5A PY 0506ZMA
DX de Z62FB14228.0 Z61KRCQ CONTESTYU 0506Z
DX de DK8NC1860.0 YT0W YU 0506Z
DX de UR7QU10115.0 CN2JR CN 0506Z
DX de KA6BIM14235.7 CN3A CN 0506ZOR
DX de IK3ORD7234.5 AA9A7091.009K 0506Z
DX de BG9GXM28507.5 VK4KW VK 0505Z
DX de YU5C21281.6 9A5ACQ-WW-SSB9A 0505Z
DX de LZ6B14321.1 RD9SA UA9 0505Z
DX de NA2U14247.5 WH2DXUSBKH2 0505ZAZ
DX de IV3ZXQ7144.0 CN3A CN 0505Z
DX de NT6X7144.1 CN3A CN 0505ZCA
DX de RA9YRQ28419.0 JM1UTT73!!!JA 0505Z
DX de OK1ADM7058.0 TC0F TA 0505Z
DX de R9GM14239.0 T42RcqwwssbCM 0505Z
DX de RZ1ZY14205.0 FW5GJ FW 0505Z
DX de JO1WIZ-728015.0 VK9XSPupVK9X 0505Z
DX de K6ST14338.4 JH4UYB JA 0505ZNV
DX de DL5AN3660.1 N3RR K 0505Z
DX de DJ5MN1832.0 K1DG K 0505Z
DX de K3PIN3656.5 M5B G 0505ZPA
DX de RN9CM21258.6 RT5Z UA 0505Z
DX de K6ST14321.9 RW0CN UA9 0505ZNV


WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=219,A=10,K=3,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=219,A=10,K=1,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de VE7CC<2100Z> SFI=219,A=12,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2


To ALL de K8SM<0048Z> VK9XSP: How about some RTTY...TU
To ALL de K8SM<1955Z> VK9XSP: How about some RTTY...TU
To ALL de K8SM<1845Z> VK9XSP: How about some RTTY...TU

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