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DX de IZ8JCW14265.0 VK9VKLtnx... upVK9X 1424Z
DX de IZ0MQN7126.0 IZ0MQN/PDAI-UM0778 NEW ONEI 1422Z
DX de OK1ES7162.0 OK1MQY/POKFF 1739 fb sig hereOK 1421Z
DX de EA5DNO14042.0 OK1XZ/P OK 1421Z
DX de IT9BII14269.0 ON3EITNX 5/9+ SICILIAON 1421Z
DX de DM5RC14078.0 F4FZR5W beam East tnx QSOF 1421Z
DX de IK2AVH14021.7 II2ARI90th ARI award-ref.h90ari1-I 1421Z
DX de PU5YSV21076.0 LU5DQ LU 1421Z
DX de RK7C18070.0 5V7Ptnx QSO up 55V 1420Z
DX de PU3TDB21019.0 5V7PTNX UP 45V 1420Z
DX de JQ1CIV-714010.0 CE6SAXcp cpCE 1420Z
DX de SV1LHZ14242.0 A61UUHi Abdulrahman.5/9 in KifisiaA6 1420Z
DX de RV6ANI14029.0 IR1MDCTNX MDXC AwardI 1420Z
DX de EA5IJG7088.0 EA4AVM/P EA 1419Z
DX de R7NF3710.0 RO25RORDA RO-19UA 1419Z
DX de A71AM14207.0 VK9VKLQSX 14217.0VK9X 1419Z
DX de DL0ERZ14170.0 TC571SAV TA 1419Z
DX de F4VSE10141.0 IC8MDCRTTY 73 THXI 1419Z
DX de 9A7JCY7162.0 OK1MQ/PLSBOK 1419Z
DX de DB1NS10111.0 DR25MDK***** SES ***** CQ *****DL 1418Z
DX de US5YI14242.0 A61UUCQA6 1418Z
DX de EA2KY7080.0 EA3URLla isma de l ma??anaEA 1418Z
DX de RV9FF-107012.5 R25SRRSRR-25UA 1418Z
DX de RW7M14027.0 R870OTnx!UA 1417Z
DX de IZ7DJS21019.0 5V7PCall but..NO listen ITALY ?5V 1417Z


WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=80,A=20,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=80,A=20,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=80,A=20,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1


To ALL de KB8AKC<0138Z> 100th Anniversary of Michigan State Police
To ALL de AC9EM<1443Z> Please update your LOTW & Club Log
To ALL de W3ML<0225Z> Is anyone in North Dakota working digital?

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