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DX de KA2ENE14273.0 S5/K7ADD S5 1842ZNY
DX de UA6EX10115.5 T2ROC-015 UP 1T2 1841Z
DX de EA4GQC21277.0 AN400A EA 1841Z
DX de LB8DC5403.5 MD/DL2HWAcarrier 59+20 on freqGD 1841Z
DX de EA8ACW18150.0 AN400L EA 1841Z
DX de K9NB18135.0 D66DQSX 18140D6 1841ZIL
DX de W5TN21028.0 TZ4AM TZ 1841ZTX
DX de IZ8ZPS14240.0 AN400G EA 1841Z
DX de IZ8DFO3658.0 IK8IOZ16 Diploma Palazzo Reale di CaI 1840Z
DX de ER2OW7144.0 EJ0Mtnx for 59EI 1840Z
DX de IZ8DFO3658.0 IZ8AJU16 Diploma Palazzo Reale CaserI 1840Z
DX de DO9ST3513.8 HB0/DL5YM HB0 1840Z
DX de W5UHQ18110.0 AN400LCWEA 1840ZOH
DX de Z32TW7012.0 Z370CEFSpec. callZ3 1840Z
DX de UT9LB3736.0 AN400I EA 1840Z
DX de EC1DBO14038.1 AN400Iup1EA 1839Z
DX de IZ3NYG3515.0 S79KBtnx QSO! up 1.5S7 1839Z
DX de PY1SD28440.3 AN400I5/9EA 1839Z
DX de W1UU14076.0 EA2DVR EA 1839ZMA
DX de W5DRR14280.0 W7ISGNPOTA WR36K 1839ZVA
DX de N8DNA18110.0 AN400LCW -Big 599 sigEA 1839ZOH
DX de PY1SD28480.0 AN400T5/9EA 1839Z
DX de R5WW7024.0 H44GCUpH4 1839Z
DX de W5GZ18142.0 AN400Inot OOI !!EA 1839ZNM
DX de EA8ZS18110.0 AN400LCervantes awardEA 1839Z


WWV de AE5E<1800Z> SFI=86,A=38,K=5,Minor w/G1 -> Moderate w/G2
WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=86,A=38,K=4,Moderate w/G2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E<1200Z> SFI=86,A=38,K=5,Moderate w/G2 -> Moderate w/G2


To Local de K3LR<2308Z> to issue a qwhich hangs the Winsock. Wi mighjt instaed switch to CC-Cluster
To Local de K3LR<2307Z> by the (most foreign) folks probing open Telnet Ports. They are slow
To Local de K3LR<2306Z> cause the Telnet Server buiffer to get overrun. In turn, the winsock is sloqwed

 Use this link for Phone Browsers / Mobile Devices:
For !!! BRIEF USE ONLY !!! - We request you use TELNET for long-term connections
On-Line Manual: AR-Cluster User Manual

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