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DX de HA5OV7029.3 3A2LFcq3A 0717Z
DX de SP5KD3730.0 SP5KD/Pspff-0812SP 0717Z
DX de 9A2MF14246.9 DL/I2AEDLFF-075,eu-128, fed-274DL 0716Z
DX de DL1JKK7131.0 DL1JKK/PWCA DL-01271DL 0715Z
DX de EA8CRI7125.0 EC7AT/Pdm3.18911.joaquinEA 0715Z
DX de EA7JHQ14210.0 VK2SR VK 0715Z
DX de EA2DP14220.0 E50J5/7 Tnx JimE5/s 0712Z
DX de F4HMR14244.0 F/PC5Z/P F 0712Z
DX de DL1HBT14028.0 DK8ITcqDL 0712Z
DX de UA3DNW14160.0 RZ38ZFFestival pesni ZNAMENKAUA 0710Z
DX de SP5KD7000.0 SP5KD/PSPFF-0812 on 3730.0SP 0710Z
DX de F5MVT14244.0 F/PC5Z/PFFF 833F 0710Z
DX de F4HMR14135.0 TK/F1BLQ TK 0710Z
DX de EA2DP14270.0 E51DWC5/7 TnxE5/s 0710Z
DX de UY2ZZ14021.1 UA9CGL/4/MPM-28 Tnx!UA9 0709Z
DX de RA4CSP-714175.0 RD1A/1/MKL-15UA 0709Z
DX de IZ7MFY14210.0 VK2SR VK 0709Z
DX de RW1C14032.0 RC2A/1pse 14028.0/032.0, 030.0 pomehUA 0708Z
DX de UR0QK14200.0 9A/S59Atnx QSO 73!9A 0706Z
DX de SP5KD14236.0 SP5ZIM/Pspff-0812SP 0706Z
DX de CT2HXM14135.0 TK/F1BLQ TK 0706Z
DX de VK2MI14244.0 F/PC5Z/P F 0705Z
DX de RA4FKC21071.3 RZ38ZFtnx QSOUA 0704Z
DX de DL5JF7133.0 DL1JKK/PWCA DL-01271 new oneDL 0704Z


WWV de AE5E<0600Z> SFI=102,A=12,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E<0300Z> SFI=102,A=12,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E<0000Z> SFI=102,A=12,K=4,No Storms -> Minor w/G1


To ALL de K4SV<1715Z> What is the signal from 18083 to 18105? Radar? Whos?
To ALL de KU4XR<0218Z> #372 477.0#ALL#Does anyone know if Joe - VO1NA is transmitting ? Monitoring for over an hour with no sign of any kind of activity:
To ALL de KZ9DX<0328Z> RG4F 14264.0 59 in Northern IL.

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