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DX de PU2GMM28495.5 ZD8NThanks for QSO Steve ! 73 !ZD8 2123Z
DX de TI2SSO28495.5 ZD8NSteve.ZD8 2123Z
DX de EA7JMJ7015.0 TM90WARDdia del radioaficionadoF 2123Z
DX de AB1J14030.7 KP2FCQMMKP2 2123ZMA
DX de AB1J14023.6 ZY150ITUCQMMPY 2123ZMA
DX de LX1IQ18157.5 LX1HDcq dxLX 2123Z
DX de PY2IQ21036.6 CO6WDCQ MM testCM 2123Z
DX de G0ORC18105.5 J79WTAQSX 18106.55 UP 1.05J7 2122Z
DX de GM1KNP14324.0 8P6QA 8P 2122Z
DX de JE7DX18075.4 AO790ABVCQ STRONGEA 2122Z
DX de VK7AC7162.0 DX0PAS-051 TNX QSO1S 2122Z
DX de EA5DCL10140.0 TM90WARDRTTYF 2122Z
DX de E76WO7013.0 AM390NN EA 2122Z
DX de S58Q10142.0 T6TRTTY SimplexYA 2122Z
DX de GM1KNP14324.0 8P6AZ 8P 2122Z
DX de LA9NKA14192.0 7Z1SJ5/9+HZ 2122Z
DX de N5MEG28410.0 KG7GEXRookie RoundupK 2122ZLA
DX de WA2QQF18074.0 LZ883PI LZ 2122ZNY
DX de GM1KNP14324.0 8P6FX 8P 2122Z
DX de JF1NUV-728011.0 HK1NMMHK 2122Z
DX de KJ4KKD28445.0 KH7MS57 in TNKH6 2122ZTN
DX de PV8DR21035.0 OA1FCQ TEST MM CWOA 2121Z
DX de GW6LHF14205.0 ZP5DBC ZP 2121Z
DX de RA4FDQ10140.0 T6Ttnx QSO 73!YA 2121Z


WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=152,A=9,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<1800Z> SFI=148,A=13,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=148,A=13,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de W9PA<2100Z> W9PA (ex W9ZRX) Cluster now at telnet://
To ALL de W9PA<1900Z> W9PA (ex W9ZRX) Cluster now at telnet://
To ALL de W9PA<1700Z> W9PA (ex W9ZRX) Cluster now at telnet://

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For !!! BRIEF USE ONLY !!! - We request you use TELNET for long-term connections
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