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DX de W3LPL-37001.5 CE0Y/W7YAQHeard in WA and AZCE0Y 0734ZMD
DX de RK0STK21270.0 RN5Mcq cq - 5/9+30dbUA 0734Z
DX de RA6LO14028.6 7X3WPLcq zl vk7X 0734Z
DX de OE6BMG14244.0 7P8Cno signal ere...7P 0733Z
DX de VK4RF7115.0 VK3PSP/5WWFF VKFF-0890VK 0733Z
DX de SQ6LBW14072.4 IT9YDYBPSK63 Carlo Italy RoccalumeraI 0732Z
DX de IZ0MIO-7721076.0 JR1LNMJT65, -17 dbJA 0732Z
DX de VK4SP14241.0 HB9CCLcalling vk/zlHB 0731Z
DX de RQ3D14070.0 UT1FG/MMtnx yurij 73 tuUR 0731Z
DX de JH1BNC24893.4 A45WG A4 0730Z
DX de RD0L14244.0 7P8Ctnx QSO lp 537P 0730Z
DX de XE2ST7001.5 CE0Y/W7YAQ599 in SON tnx up.CE0Y 0730Z
DX de EU2EU14020.0 RA9LANtnx QSOUA9 0730Z
DX de EA3HSO21230.0 JI1KXL JA 0730Z
DX de JI1BXD-721021.0 LY98OtnxLY 0730Z
DX de VR2VAZ21260.0 E77DXTnx qsoE7 0729Z
DX de IZ0MIO21076.0 JR1LNMJT65 -17 db...Tnx Atsushi !!!JA 0729Z
DX de JH8SGD21253.0 EV1RTnx QSO 59EU 0729Z
DX de JA1JXT-714016.0 V63GGCQ - not busyV6 0728Z
DX de JH1BNC24902.1 9A2YM 9A 0728Z
DX de VK4RF7110.0 VK5FANAWWFF VKFF-0909VK 0728Z
DX de N4DB1827.5 MD0CCE599 CQ CQGD 0728ZVA
DX de ON7AB14195.0 FK8CETnx Dom 73FK 0728Z
DX de XE2ST7001.5 CE0Y7W7YAQ599 in SON tnx up.CE0Y 0728Z
DX de OH5O24940.1 VU2RBI59VU 0727Z


WWV de W0MU<0600Z> SFI=113,A=10,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=113,A=10,K=4,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0000Z> SFI=113,A=10,K=4,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de N9XCO<2138Z> Calling CQ
To Local de K3LR<2048Z> Contest Mode until most recon nects completed
To Local de K3LR<2039Z> This batch results in a double reboot

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