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DX de R6FCI14071.1 R4COCPBC - 5 oceanUA 1004Z
DX de RA9LY21071.4 RA9LLTyumen 430UA9 1003Z
DX de EA3BR18073.0 OJ0BJN01NI<>JP90XIOJ0 1002Z
DX de A45WG14217.0 A41KJcalling cq nowA4 1002Z
DX de PB7Z14020.9 HF2SDMCWSP 1002Z
DX de US2YW14029.1 SP1/UX1HWEU-129SP 1002Z
DX de 7K4OIV-718085.0 JA0JHQ/6AS-047JA 1002Z
DX de JA9AVU14017.0 R6IOTA UA 1001Z
DX de N4VN7008.3 HC2AOCQ JAHC 1001ZAL
DX de DU7SWL7025.0 DU7ETCqDU 1001Z
DX de DL2LTM14072.0 R100MA UA 1000Z
DX de SP9VFR14020.9 HF2SDMAWARD info. qrz.comSP 1000Z
DX de I2IOJ14003.6 HF2SDMTnx QSOSP 1000Z
DX de JA7QVI3522.0 N4UMCQ CQK 1000Z
DX de UA9AEI14018.0 RQ16CW UA 0959Z
DX de OK1FJS14022.0 R16ARMYTnxUA 0959Z
DX de 4J5A21015.0 4J1926HRSES CQ4J 0959Z
DX de UA0CID14036.0 RD16CWCQUA 0959Z
DX de W4FOA7014.3 XR1TIOTA SA-069 CQing (Not busy)CE 0959ZGA
DX de IW1DQS7144.0 F4EJW/PFFF 027F 0958Z
DX de EA1FCH7130.0 EA3RCGIN63IN<>JN11GWEA 0958Z
DX de IK1UGX14029.0 SP1/UX1HW SP 0958Z
DX de PA5WK7144.0 F4EJW/Ptnx 73 ffff 027F 0957Z
DX de EA3ACD7130.0 EA3RCGeaff-1330 egi021 mvgi0456EA 0957Z


WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=70,A=15,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0600Z> SFI=70,A=15,K=4,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=70,A=15,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de KB3WUU<0248Z> CQ
To ALL de W9IIX<1902Z> w9iix 50.276
To ALL de W4CHI<1949Z> Are you going to use 40 or 20 meter SSB today?

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