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DX de OK1DO24970.0 VK9XSP VK9X 0522Z
DX de IW7DHC3799.0 OE6MBG5 9 20OE 0521Z
DX de DL5CX14020.0 UK/R1ZY UK 0520Z
DX de 4Z5LA21240.0 5R8M 5R 0520Z
DX de N6WM-1210102.6 HC2AOCWHC 0520ZCA
DX de JK1DLC-718085.0 5R8MFB SIG LP5R 0519Z
DX de K5TER7005.1 HA8RMGud sig into NMHA 0518ZTX
DX de UA0L24907.0 XX9Rtnx QSOXX9 0516Z
DX de WA8VPN3805.0 FT4TAtesting for alertFT/t 0516ZWV
DX de YV4MT14016.0 RW3WA UA 0515Z
DX de DS3BNU24970.0 VK9XSP59++ tnx qsoVK9X 0515Z
DX de WA8VPN3805.0 FT4TAtest onlyFT/t 0514ZWV
DX de UR3CSI7076.0 TG5ANFJT65TG 0514Z
DX de JG1RVN-724907.0 XX9RUP1XX9 0514Z
DX de RW3WA14015.8 YV4MTtnx QSOYV 0514Z
DX de YO3FGO28090.5 VK9XSPtnx qso, 73VK9X 0514Z
DX de RA6C10120.0 R2014FK UA 0512Z
DX de RZ4HO24907.0 XX9Rtnx upXX9 0512Z
DX de N5IG10138.0 4Z1IGJT654X 0511ZTX
DX de YO3FOM10102.6 HC2AOtnx fr patience 73HC 0511Z
DX de UA3RF24907.0 XX9RupXX9 0510Z
DX de ZL1GQ24907.0 XX9Rpse turn back zlXX9 0510Z
DX de 5B4AIF14195.0 FO5QB FO 0509Z
DX de NK7Z7005.1 HA8RMvia please read the qsl info bHA 0509ZOR
DX de RG3B7021.4 RW3FBMO-16UA 0509Z


WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=140,A=5,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0000Z> SFI=140,A=5,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=140,A=7,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms


To ALL de VA3KAB<2059Z> #247 7038.0#ALL#Beacon Op2 every 20:30 in Cavan, ON 20w + Vertical
To ALL de VA3KAB<2058Z> #246 7038.0#VE3KCL##SWL-Op2 F:12% -5 dB in Cavan, ON
To ALL de K4RKM<2040Z> #242 7038.0#VE3KCL##SWL-Op2 F:22% -15 dB in North Carolina USA

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