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DX de ON8DM3503.0 VP2EGRup 1 wrkd tuVP2E 0657Z
DX de VK3GGG7090.0 VK1DAWWFF VKFF-0837VK 0656Z
DX de W1EBM3799.9 G4AMNCQ DX Beaming N/AG 0655ZNH
DX de JF1SNL-714168.0 EA3BEMCQEA 0655Z
DX de F5MGS7097.0 F5NLX/PFFF 1668 WCA F-06395 DFCF 7314F 0655Z
DX de I5FLN7097.0 F5NLX/PFF-1668 DFCF 73144 F-06395F 0655Z
DX de WB4SIA3576.0 N5RLMTNX Richard - 73K 0654ZMN
DX de F5MGS7097.0 F5NLX/PWCA F-06395 FFF 1668F 0654Z
DX de IK7XGH7143.0 DL1NKStnx qsoDL 0652Z
DX de JJ3PRT-710108.0 TL0AupTL 0651Z
DX de DL2HRH7120.0 DM16RRV/PSES sdok 16rrvDL 0650Z
DX de W1EBM3503.0 VP2EGR599+ NH Up 1VP2E 0650ZNH
DX de VK4RF7090.0 VK1DA/PWWFF Cooleman Ridge Nature ResVK 0650Z
DX de DK2AN14085.8 V6Z599 via RTTY many TksV6 0649Z
DX de JH1CZL-710103.0 V6Z V6 0648Z
DX de RL2D14026.4 R165VWtnx qsoUA 0648Z
DX de IU3EHZ7174.0 HA8RMtnx peter 73HA 0647Z
DX de YI1RZ14188.0 YI1Halso see PYI 0647Z
DX de EA8AP7143.0 DL1NKSCQ CQ CQDL 0647Z
DX de VK1DI7090.0 VK1DAWWFF VKFF-0837VK 0647Z
DX de WB4SIA3576.0 K3JAETNX AGN John - 73K 0647ZMN
DX de YI1RZ14188.0 YI1HYI1H+YI1IRQ= Hassan the big PIYI 0646Z
DX de K4YYL-110108.0 TL0AQSX 10109.02TL 0646ZSC
DX de YI1RZ14188.0 YI1Hsee 0646Z
DX de VK4CC14188.0 YI1HHassan the PIRATE is still atYI 0645Z


WWV de AE5E<0600Z> SFI=78,A=46,K=5,Moderate w/G2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=78,A=46,K=5,Moderate w/G2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=78,A=46,K=5,Moderate w/G2 -> Minor w/G1


To Local de K3LR<2314Z> I'm going to reboot to set it up for the Contest.
To Local de K3LR<2314Z> Sorry folks - Telnet Server has locked up preventing further connects
To ALL de N8DC<1744Z> TL0 cw only 9n7 RTTY only ?

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