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DX de UR3EL14022.0 YP35KZA YO 0829Z
DX de IK8WEJ7125.0 I0SBA/PDAI LZ-080 I0-019 DAV AI-24I 0829Z
DX de IK2NBW7125.0 I0SBA/PALSO DAV-AI024I 0829Z
DX de UA9UDR24980.1 EA7JKMcqEA 0828Z
DX de IK2NBW7125.0 I0SBA/PDAI-LZ0080 + DLI I0-019I 0828Z
DX de UA9OME28470.0 VK9XSPtnx QSO UP-7.5VK9X 0828Z
DX de N6GP7176.0 W1AW/8WV CQ Now SimplexK 0828ZCA
DX de UA9UDR24938.0 EC1CTTks! CQnEA 0827Z
DX de W3LPL-310110.0 LX1NJHeard in MDLX 0827ZMD
DX de F5BSB28450.0 5R8M 5R 0827Z
DX de JA4FKX-724891.5 MI0BPBCQn ANDREW. FB JobGI 0827Z
DX de OH3LCH28469.9 VK9XSPupVK9X 0827Z
DX de UA4HTT28481.0 IT9/RC0F I 0827Z
DX de DO3MY28121.7 R2014FVsorry wrong frq.UA 0827Z
DX de EA8TL18103.9 XX9Rvia LP RTTY up1XX9 0827Z
DX de EA7YT7095.0 EA7VLVGMA-155 DME-29094EA 0826Z
DX de IZ1WYO24935.0 BX5AATu simplexBV 0826Z
DX de JA2HYD-718104.0 XX9RRTTY UP , but Freq driftXX9 0826Z
DX de EC6AAE28470.0 VK9XSPtnx 5-10 upVK9X 0826Z
DX de UA4HTT28460.0 CT9/DF7ZS CT3 0825Z
DX de RX3AU28481.0 IT9/RC0F I 0825Z
DX de JE2GUV-718150.0 ZK3Qup 5ZK3 0824Z
DX de UA1WN18102.0 CU3EMtnx QSOCU 0824Z
DX de UR5CTO14241.0 OP14Z ON 0824Z
DX de YT1HA28450.0 5R8Mup 55R 0824Z


WWV de W0MU<0600Z> SFI=227,A=11,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=227,A=11,K=3,Minor w/R1 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=227,A=11,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Moderate w/R2


To ALL de K8SM<0200Z> VK9XSP is long path from Central Ohio on 18.085
To ALL de K8SM<2130Z> No 6M prop here
To ALL de VE3SUB<2149Z> CN2OZ speaks very fast-many repeats

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