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DX de RM5Y3520.3 UT1IM UR 1808Z
DX de SQ9T14210.0 J6/SP7VCupJ6 1808Z
DX de EA4TD7095.0 EA4URADME-28007 LOC. IN80ciEA 1808Z
DX de DL7HZ7005.0 JA7MBT JA 1808Z
DX de RN9WT7077.5 RA1AOtnx QSOUA 1808Z
DX de IK1UGX10107.0 EK6RL EK 1808Z
DX de EA1VT18075.0 PP70FEB PY 1807Z
DX de IU2CIQ7127.0 IV3TRKCQ CQI 1807Z
DX de HC5F28470.0 9Y4D 9Y 1807Z
DX de SV6JHA28470.0 9Y4D52 tnx Chris 739Y 1807Z
DX de DK7RC14220.0 ZS6AF ZS 1807Z
DX de N1CKX28470.0 9Y4D5X9 in NH - TNX New Band9Y 1806ZNH
DX de IU0CSH14220.0 ZS6AF59 ciaoZS 1806Z
DX de TK5NJ10140.0 DK4CF DL 1806Z
DX de LZ2PG7013.0 FK8IK/Mtnx 73FK 1806Z
DX de EA7EJF14290.0 A41NN5.5A4 1806Z
DX de I0DJV14210.0 J6/SP7VCBIG MEK CQCQ UP 5 TO 10J6 1805Z
DX de ZS1C21025.0 K5TF K 1805Z
DX de EA7ZC28470.0 9Y4D5/99Y 1804Z
DX de RM5Y3528.5 UR5VR UR 1804Z
DX de IW3GRG7008.0 FW5JJqrm from 240?? and you?FW 1804Z
DX de IK2YYL7173.0 DJ90IARU DL 1804Z
DX de M0TXK10141.2 RA3ALW UA 1804Z


WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=158,A=12,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=158,A=12,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=158,A=12,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms


To ALL de WQ3X<1415Z> w2sf? How is that close to WQ3?
To Local de K3LR<0714Z> each requires a reboot!!!
To Local de K3LR<0714Z> Rebooting now to install these updates. It will take a while because

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