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DX de DJ4EL24950.0 PW0Fup, SA-003, Fernando de NoronhPY0F 1646Z
DX de G4PTJ14028.1 T88XH T8 1645Z
DX de IZ5WVP28518.6 ZD8Dtnx 59 /10ZD8 1645Z
DX de KA2DDX18075.1 3B9FRup 23B9 1645ZNY
DX de K6VIB21070.3 E77AWNice sigs in OR PSK31E7 1645ZOR
DX de RY3D7014.0 UA0CKPHK-07UA9 1645Z
DX de ZS4AZ28511.0 PP5BIthx bais 73sPY 1645Z
DX de YO2LMW21250.0 GI8SKNCQ CQ 15MGI 1645Z
DX de YO3AIS18150.0 IK2LFF100.w Marco ItaliaI 1644Z
DX de CX9BU28518.6 ZD8DTNX , , , 59 IN URUGUAY , 73ZD8 1644Z
DX de S0RRY-1021325.0 OD5ZZHave no $$$ for ur QSL (; ((OD 1644Z
DX de IZ6CLZ28450.0 3G0ZC5-10 upCE0Z 1643Z
DX de DE7KBM-107148.0 OK8FK/P OK 1643Z
DX de DO1JGE28122.0 VP8LPTNX Bob, FalklandsVP8 1643Z
DX de IK2SAR14212.0 VU2VIDcq n.a.VU 1643Z
DX de YO6OAF14036.0 YO90YARUses 90th iaruYO 1643Z
DX de EC1ABD7093.0 EA1VMvgp 008EA 1643Z
DX de K0MJT21305.0 J64SLI59 in Iowa Tks for new Band 73J6 1642ZIA
DX de LY5A18072.0 LY97A LY 1642Z
DX de 9A6IV24917.0 VA3DIFJT65VE 1642Z
DX de YO3AIS18155.2 F5BBD100.w Daniel FranceF 1642Z
DX de EA2AGW7110.0 EG5MPFMuseo de las artes y las ciencEA 1641Z
DX de G0OQQ28385.0 LU8EENtnx 73..LuisLU 1641Z
DX de PU4MHO28436.0 ON4BIT5/5 in GG79gm - 73 good dxON 1641Z


WWV de W0MU<1500Z> SFI=111,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=111,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=111,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de WQ3X<1222Z> D44EE Lotw received already - great operation
To ALL de WB9AZA<1757Z> Has ANYBODY ever recieved a QSL Card from T6T?
To ALL de VA3YX<1604Z> 3g0zc on 15m not busy

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