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DX de K2CM21352.0 OM0MUSBOM 1718ZNY
DX de IU4DTV14347.0 UR5AS UR 1718Z
DX de IZ4UFG18153.0 ZS6MAL59plusZS 1718Z
DX de IU0CSH28661.0 CX4AD55 ciaoCX 1718Z
DX de F4BAL10140.9 2E0BPPtnx QSOG 1718Z
DX de G4LYM28618.1 FY5FY FY 1718Z
DX de XE2B21254.0 W6SX K 1718Z
DX de SO8W28394.0 PY1PDF PY 1718Z
DX de VE9DX21399.0 HF0BEM SP 1718ZNB
DX de AF7Z21292.4 ZF1AUSBZF 1718ZUT
DX de N6HE21338.7 IW2HAJ I 1718ZCA
DX de VE5MX28512.9 LU8VR LU 1718ZSK
DX de DL6YAO21291.0 9K2HN 9K 1718Z
DX de SV2FLQ21201.0 WX3B K 1718Z
DX de W4IND14235.8 KD9ST K 1718ZFL
DX de YO3AIS21215.0 YR1A100,w Andy YO3JRYO 1718Z
DX de KC5CMX21359.5 EC2DX EA 1718ZFL
DX de K3WJV21385.0 CN3A CN 1718ZPA
DX de EA5AWC18161.0 TA0/DJ4ELIOTA AS-201TA 1717Z
DX de SP1NEN7180.8 HF90IARU SP 1717Z
DX de W7CT-314183.4 JI2ZEY JA 1717ZUT
DX de ON3PHD24960.0 KP4DKE KP4 1717Z
DX de PU2RDB28725.0 DJ5MW73 my friendDL 1717Z


WWV de W0MU<1500Z> SFI=146,A=9,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<1200Z> SFI=146,A=9,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<0900Z> SFI=146,A=9,K=3,No Storms -> Minor w/G1


To ALL de KA8FTP<0537Z> Receuved FT4Ta card today. new one for me
To ALL de KA8FTP<0123Z> Receuved FT4Ta card today. new one for me
To Local de K0WL<0317Z> K0WL ARcluster Server now 24/7 telnet

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